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Sun, Apr 26, 2020 12:00 PM

Modem works at my mom's house but not at mine

This started on Tuesday the 21st. The upstream light on my Netgear c7000 started blinking and the event log is full of unicast ranging T3 and T4 timeouts. On the connections page it will only lock onto 1 upstream channel. When it is hooked up I try to activate it but the activation page says oops that didnt go as planed and to call them and the status center page says the modem is not responding. I took this modem over to my moms house and using my ethernet cable and power adapter but her coaxial cable I had no issues with it at all. It locked onto 4 upstream channels, there were no events logged and I was able to activate it on the activation page with no problem and it worked just fine for the 10 minutes I had it hooked up.


At my house I hooked up my old sbg6580 and it will lock onto 4 upstream channels and am able to activate it and have internet though the event log is still full of the unicast ranging T3 and T4 timeouts.


Why would my old modem work at my house but the newer one just suddenly started having issues yet it seems to work just fine over at my moms house?


This is a link to my sbg 6580 downstream/upstream and SNR image


This is for the Netgear c7000


There are no splitters connected between the wall and the modem and the cables appear to be in good condition.


Any advice on what I can do will be greatly appreciated.



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