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Thu, Apr 16, 2020 9:00 AM

Modem and router issues.

My Wifi has shut off and I am not able to access my network with any of my devices even after a few attempts by rebooting my modem and router. My modem lights are all on, (the first 2 under the power light are green, the rest are white) but when I checked with the Xfinity app, I was told that it was not connected. Most router lights turn orange or white when the router is first rebooted. Soon afterwards the power light turns red and the rest of the lights shut off. The power light then begins blinking white, even after multiple reboots of both devices. How can I fix this issue?


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1 y ago

I am having the exact same issues.  My modem and internet was working just fine yesterday.  Today, it says my modem (suddenly) is not connected.  Talked to someone via chat who told me I have to activate this same modem was was working just fine before.  This is not a new modem.  I cannot activate no matter how many times I try via WIFI.  

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