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Sat, Apr 4, 2020 6:00 PM


Hi, I was doing some adjustments to my wifi network and by mistake I enable MoCa now I try to disable and it doesn't. Is giving me issues on my network and switching my devices from Wifi to MoCA with connections at about 12mbs when I was doing 250mbs download. Any ideas how to fix this.. Thanks in advance



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Your throughput numbers do match as if you have caused MoCa network to take priority over wifi or hardwire or whatever else.    Probably you know that actual MoCa has many possible barriers to function between any two points and cannot happen without specific annoyingly-wired coax, regardless of whether it is enabled.     Are you sure you aren't extra-happy-happy-joy-joy to have the extra-connectivity that MoCa might provide you?    Many router/wifi/hub/gateway devices do include MoCa hardware support which is nice especially for self-flagelators with newly-crimped razor-sharp coax/connectors.   A software setting for Moca support could have any sort of other proprietary function - please refer to the owners manual PDF for the device if possible?   If you meandered into a settings-menu to enable MoCa it is probably OK for you to re-meander and disable MoCa via that same or similar menu/CLI.    Even after toggling MoCa you might see the same throughput and connectivity that you had prior to the enablement & disablement of MoCa, and this might indicate that the issue you are chasing is unrelated to MoCa and/or one of your other assumptions about the issue may be correct.     If problems persist, possibly re-measure data-rates and identify some more specifics about a couple of your devices which are misbehaving, and folks can provide other ideas.      Best wishes and I hope at least 2% of this post was useful in the direction of helping to determine correct answer to your question(s).   peace out.




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3 month old dead thread now being closed.

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