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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 9:00 PM

MoCa won’t activate

About a month ago, an Xfinity support tech helped me fully enable the MoCa setting of my modem.  They had me activate MoCa in the gateway connection settings and then change another setting that I don't remember because it wasn't as obvious.  

Last week Xfinity had me swap out my old modem for a newer one (XB6) so I can add Xpods to my home network, and when I activated the model yesterday, the MoCa capabilities weren't activated (just like my original modem wasn't).  I spoke with 3 different support techs, and they all had me enable the MoCa setting  in the connection menu, but didn't have me change anything else, and it's still not working.  

Does anyone know what else needs to be changed in order to for MoCa to work?


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