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Fri, Oct 23, 2020 6:00 AM

Moca Trouble - Internet is working but not cable

Hi everyone,


So with the pandemic much like everyone else we're all trying to get better bandwidth and signal speed in our homes.  I have a google mesh wifi network which is great but i find the mesh network AND the comcast wifi both have intermittent drops which wreaks havoc on teams calls and webex calls.


That said i invested months ago in actiontec moca adapters as well as the recommended filters/splitters that would allow the system to work.


After some tinkering i got everything setup properly.  Hardwire internet has been working in my master bedroom through the moca adapter for months now.  On occasion the cable signal ONLY would stop working, but a simple unplug and plug back in of the cable box (this is the secondary small cable box) would fix the issue.  Now all of a sudden I'm geting an RDK-03036 error and can't seem to fix it.  Nothing's changed with my configuration and of course comcsat techs want no part of helping with this.  They only want to dismantle my moca setup so now i'm on my own to figure this out hopefully with some help from this forum.


I've unplugged the main box and reset it.  I've reset and refreshed the cable signals a bunch of times.  Still can't get this second box to work.  HOWEVER internet is still working great, i'm using it now and it's rock solid thorugh the moca adapter.


Any idea what could be causing the second box to not receive the cable signal all of a sudden?  Any suggested fixes?  I'm assuming everything has been setup right by me since it was all working for months but only now is giving me this problem.


Thank you!



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8 m ago

For troubleshooting purposes, (and because you didn’t say) when you take away your moca network does the box get back to communicating with the main box?

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