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Sun, Sep 13, 2020 9:00 AM

Millions of uncorrectables in minutes.

Internet is unusable when this happens.

This has been going on for 2 years on and off. Had techs out. They've changed everything from modem to pole. no help. They come back change everything again. Same same.

Several contacts with reddit mods have resulted in promises but no results. Was on hold with comcast , gave up after 45 minutes of no pick up.

Next door neighbor is having the same problem with 2 kids having to video school.

Just what do have to do to get someone other than a line tech to trouble shoot this problem?


A comcast tech showed up Thursday evening. I asked if he was here to work on my neighbor's problem. And I told him I had been having the same issues for over a year.

He told me that " The problem is on our end" and there would be a bucket truck out sometime soon.He showed me a map on his phone and said the whole map should be green. About half the map was purple.

Asked him why they were just now getting around to fixing what I'd been complaining, begging to get fixed, and documenting for almost a year and he said he didn't know. "guess it just didn't get escalated until more people complained." He was an older guy that seemed to know what he was doing.

BTW All of the coax from the modem to the pole, including all connectors, has been changed out for new twice in less than 18 months. I don't have cable TV. There are no splitters. I'm running a PFsense box as a firewall/router. Take that out and on laptop or desktop ethernet direct to modem same problem. I've done this at least a dozen times and I'll see thousands to millions of uncorrectables in a matter of minutes. Might go a day without a problem, but within a day or so it's back. When we got back from a 3 week trip it was worse than ever. tens of millions in 6 minutes! So bad the modem was frozen.

I think with so many neighbors kids having to home school they finally had to break down and do something.

One of the most frustrating customer relations I've ever experienced.

I can't get thru on phone, the stupid asistant is useless, Reddit is useless. 

I just rebooted modem over a million errors in 7 minutes.

I'm having to use my phone as a hotspot!!



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8 m ago

You wouldn't happen to be in Connecticut would you? We've been having this issue too. Just starting to see service vehicles out here for the past two days climbing poles doing something about it. 

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