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Tue, May 19, 2020 8:00 AM

Miami - High Ping / Packet Loss

Exact same issue as this thread: https://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Your-Home-Network/High-Packet-Loss-High-Ping-Issues/td-p/3314299

I live in Doral near Miami, and have been experiencing extremely frequent high ping and packet loss disallowing me to game for the past few months. Between midnight to 10 am this doesn’t seem to be an issue, however any time from 1 pm to midnight the ping will go from 30-40 to 150+ every few seconds. This causes me to lag and rubber band and essentially unable to game / stream. I have had an Xfinity tech come out here 2 times, with one replacing my modem and telling me the issue lies with the outside line(said there was too much interference on the line), and the other tech coming out and replacing the line which did nothing. The second tech that came, spoke no English, and simply replaced the outside lines and left. When I asked him if he could test the connection and interference to see if it was fixed, he told me I had to call Xfinity! Can you imagine that? I had to wait 2 weeks for this guy to come out here and he can’t even do a test without telling me I need to call Xfinity for someone else to come. Terrible, terrible service. Since the above thread linked is locked, has anyone had any luck in figuring out what to do? Idk why I’m paying for “Blast” internet, 200 down, 10 up, if I can’t even game without my ping spiking every 10 seconds. I’ve tried contacting Xfinity support multiple times and they always tell me it looks good on their side when it clearly isn’t. Any help would be extremely appreciated as this has been a terrible experience with Xfinity



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I am also experiencing this for the past 4 months in Miami Lakes, had a tech come after a 2 month wait and he said everything was fine inside and outside of my home, but packets are dropping left and right which makes any kind of sustained internet activity (like gaming or streaming) impossible.


This has to be more widespread than what they are telling us.

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