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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 4:00 PM

MB8600 - slow gigabit (downstream only)

Hi, I have Xfinity Gigabit as part of my service plan.


My current hardware setup is:

Modem: Motorola MB8600

Router: Linksys EA6350


The issue: the downstream light on the MB8600 is blinking and I am getting a consistent 30Mbps down no matter what device I try, no matter whether I connect through Ethernet, 2.4Ghz, or 5Ghz, no matter if I connect directly to the modem and bypass the router. The last acceptable speeds were probably in the 400-500Mbps range just a couple of days ago. (I understand my router probably can't handle gigabit speeds but it definitely can handle more than 30 down.)


My upstream results are as expected, 40Mbps.


Things I have already tried:

Downstream Bonded Channels


 ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFreq. (MHz)Pwr (dBmV)SNR (dB)CorrectedUncorrected
   33LockedOFDM PLC159690.0-29.50.0066


Upstream Bonded Channels


   ChannelLock StatusChannel TypeChannel IDSymb. Rate (Ksym/sec)Freq. (MHz)Pwr (dBmV)


I had a tech out late last month due to this same issue. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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5 m ago

Update: tech came out and did an analysis, found water in the line from the pole to the outside box. He replaced the line and everything is fixed.

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