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Fri, Nov 29, 2019 12:00 PM

Making TIVO work with Xfinity WIFI Gateway/Router MoCA network

We have an Xfinity WIFI Gateway/Router provides an Ethernet network, a WIFI network and a MoCA network.  I have been unable to disable the MoCA network (l try to disable it from the Gateway's web interface and it always returns to being enabled) and Comcast has not been able to help me with that (its tech support staff refers me to the Gateway's manufacturer).  I have been unable to get my TIVO set top box or the two clients (TIVO minis) to recognize and use this MoCA network.  Similarly, TIVO's tech support staff is unable to tell me which of the MoCA channels that its devices use corresponds to the channel (D1) used by the Xfinity WIFI Gateway.


If anyone out there has solved this problem successfully, I would greatly appreciate knowing how you did it.



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8 m ago

I came across this after 3 days of frustration with Xfinity mostly, but also with TiVo support after changing my router to an Xfi one. Nobody can figure this out. These companies need to really get knowledgeable help in place instead of personnel reading a manual for every question, and following the same steps without thinking. Would be nice if no language barrier also! Very frustrating!!

Now to the answer and fix for this, which I had to figure out on my own.

With the Xfi router I obtained, MoCa is automatically enabled so disconnect ethernet from TiVo Box and make sure the TiVo and Mini's have MoCa on.

On main TiVo box: 

1. Select "Network Settings "

2. Select "Change Network Settings MoCa"

3. Select "IP Address"

4. Select "Get automatically from a DHCP server (typical)"

Once you do this you will get a confirmation that the box will use updated network settings and issue is fixed. 


I hope this helps anyone else that is lost on this subject. Xfinity you need to do better on training, this type of install should not be difficult and frustrating for people.  


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