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Fri, Oct 30, 2020 4:00 PM

Mainframe Computer Getting Controlled by Xfi settings

Please do not move this message. Someone moved it to somewhere unknown and it has been forgotten.


The xfi app is controlling my mainframe computer for some reason and is shutting it off every night at 10:15 PM. it is not a wireless device. It uses an ethernet connection. Nothing is on the xfi app when I log in saying anything is connected or disconnected. A message comes on and says " you have been paused". I have been messing with this for a month. Extremely frustrating.



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7 m ago

You originally posted yesterday in the correct forum (XFi) stick with that one. This is mostly a peer to peer forum, so it wasn’t forgotten more like no one has an answer. You should call in to customer service if you want real-time help

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