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Wed, Sep 15, 2021 12:49 PM

Loosen cable modem connector?

Hello all,

I am moving to a new apartment in a few weeks, and I need to disconnect my modem from the wall outlet to move it to my new apartment (I have my own TP-LINK modem; it's not from Xfinity). Will I be able to loosen it by hand, or will I need a particular tool? I don't remember what the Xfinity tech who connected it used. There is a plastic clamp over the metal connector that's holding it to the wall outlet (see picture). It seems very tight (as it should be), but I can wiggle it a bit by hand.

Thanks for any assistance!



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1 m ago

That looks like a PPC "Signal Tight" jumper cable. It should only have been hand-tightened. You should be able to turn it counterclockwise by hand to remove it.


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