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Sun, May 10, 2020 1:00 PM

LAN connection defaults to original network with Gateway name, not the new network I set up

I followed the directions to replace my old xfinity wifi/router device with the new one.  As directed, renamed the network with a new name (to replace the network name starting with XF... that is on the Gateway device), set up password, that worked, the wifi works.  the Network center shows the Gateway device network name is connected by LAN with the new renamed network as a WiFi connection. I removed the old Gateway network name (starting with XF...) but it's still showing as connected to the LAN.  cannot figure out how to remove it and get the new renamed network set up with LAN connection. Reset the Gateway device, no changes. Unplugged the ethernet cable from pc, powered off the Gateway device, turned it all back on,  still the same. 


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