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Mon, Jun 1, 2020 5:00 AM

Lack of Internet service (Speeds at anywhere from 5.6 Mbps - 20.7 Mbps - My plan is 300 Mbps

In the past month my internet connection speeds have dropped drastically. I understand people are working from home more, and Comcast has offered free lower speed inter net to people to help kids do school work from home.\


But with offering these services and knowing the demand the signal should be pumped up on their side to address those issues and commitments they made.


I called complained, we can do nothing do to COVID, I do not know why soneone can not check the line out side of the main circuit box outside our area for signal? You are not inter acting with me in a small space, and we can keep a distance?


So, I had to convince Comcast to mail me a NEW modem (ridiculous). This weekend on the old modem (NEW one will show up in 1 week), I received speeds of 220 Mbps. I did not change anything on my side.


Today, Monday My xfinity speed test put me at 11.6 Mbps. It is clearly a supply and demand issue, and the issue needs to be addressed out side the house.


Why, cann't Cpmcast hire people that are willing to admit they need to do stuff on thier side, as to pass the blame to others. I guess this is the NEW NORM. All I can say in Comcast you have been doing this for years, so you are ahead of the curve on passing the blame.


I can not wait to get my NEW modem, and have the same poor as speeds, and see COMCAST to be perplexed at how this could happen.


I am sure they will state the issue is in the home and ignore the information of the speeds I get on the weekend.





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1 y ago

I have added screen captures showing the current speed I am receiving. This speed does not  make working from home a viable solution.


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