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Fri, Jun 19, 2020 6:00 PM

Is xfinity a good service?

Xfinity had an unplanned service a month and some change ago. Since then I have had lousy service. I’ve had two technicians come out to look at my connection. The first one spent 30 minutes looking at my outside service but never came inside or let alone come to my door to talk to me. After that complaint they sent their second tech. He did a full diagnostic of my house and ended up replacing my modem. Very nice dude. It helped for awhile but I never got speed as high as promised through the package I pay for. The only help I get now is to reset my modem once a week or sometimes seven times in a three day period. My newest problem solving tech told me to move my modem around my house because you know running a cable cord through your house is super easy but don’t fret they will send a tech out to do it for you. I get xfinity is experience infrastructure issues with the covid mess but if I ask for a ham and chess sand which And only get ham and bread I don’t pay full price.If xfinity can’t provide a service they shouldn’t offer it let alone charge people for it.


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9 m ago

No! It's been unbelievable how frequent my service doesn't work. I would warn against choosing them

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