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Thu, Jun 25, 2020 5:00 PM

Is there a way to increase upload without paying more? And is there a manual for this new router?

First question.

We have the 1,000 Mbps package.


Without paying more, how do we get higher upload than the standard 40 Mbps? Paying $160 with 40 Mbps upload is very small. It should at least be 300 Mbps.


Second question.


We just got this new CGM4331COM router (the white one) and it has a blinking white light. No idea what it's trying to tell me. I tried to look at this manual ( ) but it doesn't feature this rotuer model.



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10 m ago

40 up is as good as it gets unless Comcast has their 2 Gb symmetrical Gigabit Pro fiber optic service available in your area.


See for a description of the status light. Don't expect too much though.

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