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Mon, Dec 7, 2020 4:00 PM

Is DOCSIS 3.1 enabled, while Modulation shows QAM256?

I'm in the Gigabit tier, and the SpeedTest is about 900Mbit.

But Modulation shows QAM256, and the channel #32 is not locked.

Is DOCSIS 3.1 really enabled?



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6 m ago

What modem or gateway do you have? The OFDM channel will be listed as "Other" or "OFDM" depending on the device. If you are getting Not Locked, that could be the problem. Comcast typically uses the highest frequencies for OFDM and bad cabling or connectors can weaken it to the point where it cannot sync.

Can you post your signal levels and any error messages from the Event log?




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6 m ago

@MQGG wrote:

and the channel #32 is not locked.

Be advised that many, if not most local systems have dropped back from using 32 downstream channels to using 31 since the DOCSIS 3.1 / OFDM channel for the gigabit speed tier was implemented. YMMV.

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