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Wed, Aug 10, 2022 2:23 AM


Internet stutters periodically, causing lag spikes and short disconnects.

Stable internet connection for over two years at this address, but the last two months have been riddled with ping spikes and short disconnects.

Dove into the modem's connection screen and logs and I am having issues with the OFDM channel it seems. For 32 days of uptime I have had 1.03 billion correctable codewords and 1.2 million uncorrectable codewords. All my power levels on the downstream are within the spec I've seen from other forum postings on here (I'm at +0.4 to +4.5). Signal to noise is across the board 38.9dB to 40.1dB except Channel 48 (OFDM) which is ranging from 34.9-35.9 the last four times I've checked. Upstream stays within 41 to 43 dBmV, but I wont be able to see the SNR.

Did a overview look on the line that goes to the pole across the street and saw nothing that would harm or damage the cable in anyway, nor see any existing damages.

The logs showed a CM-STATUS code 16 and 24 back to back almost once to three times a day, and it seems to come at what I would assume to be peak hours of the day.

Would the SNR of channel 48 cause it to dump the profile (code 16) every time it goes below the parameter? I checked to see if all my connections were tight, and nothing looked any different or changed from literally just three months ago when I had zero issues or logs. I know I have had 3 outages in my area that took out around 6 hours to fix each around that time and it hasn't been the same since. 

Thanks in Advance

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4 months ago

Edit: this has been solved. Unplugged and reconnected all my local connections and now I don’t have a single uncorrectable on OFDM and no correctable/uncorrectable events on any other QAM-256 channel. Cheers! 

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