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Sat, Apr 11, 2020 9:00 AM

Internet Speed Crashes 6 to 10 PM everday past 3 weeks

I have the extreme pro package which should give me 700MBS Download and 15 MBS Upload, but everyday from 6-10PM my speeds crash crash to 12 MBS download and 0.2 MBS Upload. I am a twitch streamer and this causes my stream to crash and I havent been able to stream the past 3 weeks or play any video games at all during this time. During the mornings my speeds are great 700MBS and 25 MPS Upload. My only thought of what causes this is I live in an apartment complex and maybe the capicity is not enough? I have called in many times and keep getting the same run around and cant get someone to come out and look at the wiring outside. Does anyone have a solution to this? 


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1 y ago

Xfinity service is ridiculously spotty. I'm south of Denver and have had issues sinces moving in 9 months ago. Now, with the extra load of stay-at-home, the horrible pipeline is so much worse. After multiple services, where one technician undoes what the previous one did, and calling to report ongoing trouble, I still go from +200mbsp to 0mbps all day long - without any regularity. During my last call the cocky CSR told me everything was fine even as I read to him the drastically flucuating speeds I was experiencing as I talked with him. The next morning they were reporting outages. To make it even more silly, their own app was showing outages and "everything fine" at the same time. Xfinity, if you care, you need to do more than change your name to hide from your horrible Comcast brand impression - you actually need to fix your service.

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