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Fri, Mar 27, 2020 1:00 PM

Internet provider can't open ports?

I just need 3 ports open in my router for MSQL database and a seperate telent link.


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After trying evrything i could such as Forums home settings and this horrific Xfinity website (advance settings). And of course support which said he couldn't help me after forever on the phone. Talked to the geeks, and everyone of them said i need to buy a new modem.


As much as people are charged for any service on comcast you mean to tell me they honestly cant open a few ports on a router? even if it was for business use? Now I as the user have to go out, buy a new modem probly around $200. If I want to use any of the comcast functions that I pay for it will probly cost more so that voice etc still work. Wow!  I then need to get your support to setup the new one that is NOT from my service provider so I can actually use the service as i want or need to.


Can only hope they fix this as soon as possible the little DSL company down the street does not have these issues. I would rather keep my cable but if have to go through all that I am only doing once and I know thiers works as i just left that service at my other home. Moved my stuff here and I Cant do anything over 3 simple ports. What a total dissapointment.



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1 y ago

This is the forum for residential cable. If you use your Internet for business, have you considered Comcast Business Internet?

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1 y ago

I see comcast don't check the forums so thanks I guess.

This is just a small program that runs a navicat table system.

Just keeps track of item transactions it has little to no traffic to justify a CCBA  account.

and the second is just for a video game.

If you look in the port forward settings there is games setup in there that not only open the ports but a very wide port range ( which for a few of those is totally unnecessary) they open those wide open.


I just need 2 open. possibly 3.

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what is frustrating is that that in the router they say to got the xfi site to have better router controls but when you click that it takes away all control from the user.

A simple function. I can think of no excuse for this function to removed from the user.

Now you can't get ahold of support in any way through the site or even the phone its all automated circles. can't talk to a person it's just click more links to an automated response or sit on the phone with no answer or pressing buttons to another automated messege. Support has been anything but support.


Again a simple task.


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