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Tue, Sep 15, 2020 12:00 PM

Internet Outages and Loss to work

The internet goes out pretty much every week in my location causing multiple hours of outages. this causes a loss in work productivity. Anytime you call they can't help and when you request a supervisor the return calls come days later. The service is unacceptable. If we are going to have weekly outages they should be managed and customers should be notified. Todays outage was off and on for over 4 hours...impossible to actually teach a class with this happening. Again unacceptable. For every lost hour we should be given $10 off our monthly bill. Additionally after months of working from home, you would think that the someone would have figured out how to stop this from happening. This isn't a new working situation and it is likely to keep happening and paying customers should not be required to have their personal hotspot on their phones available to ensure they don't loose connectivity. Unacceptable.


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