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Internet Instability when using video conferencing, Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc

For several weeks I have been experiencing internet instability when sharing my webcam video on online conference platforms.  I have a gig speed modem and I'm getting over 100Mbps down and 40 mbps up at the office computer.   I haven't seen any answers in this forum but for a suspicion that it may have been caused by the cable company working with buried wiring.   It's been terribly frustrating working with Xfinity.  The customer service has been really poor both working with a tech (took hours to get someone live and we rebooted the modem multiple times), I went and replaced the modem and have been stuck in automated call menus AND automated rebooting of the modem again.   Is this instability happening with anyone else? 

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22 days ago

Hi there, @user_1k3edq ! Thank you so much for reaching your Digital Care team. I appreciate your patience while you waited to connect with me. I'm very sorry for the trouble you are having with your Internet service. Please be assured you reached the right person to assist you. Can you please DM me your first and last name, along with your full service address so that I can assist you further.-Richard

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