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Mon, Oct 5, 2020 4:00 PM

Internet has dropped 5 times the last 4 days!



Service signed up for is 175 Mbps and get this when doing internet speed test so seems to be good.  The Upload speed shows 5.5 Mbps with latency at 24ms over IPv6.  I live in the Fremont, CA area and our host is in San Jose, CA which about 22-24 miles depending on exact location.  We have a rented router through Xfinity which I think is XB3.  Our internet has dropped 5 times the last 4 days with 2 of those days having it drop twice in the day.  Is it time for a new router or is just due to the Covid19 situation with a lot of people working from home?  Thanks for any information or feedback from the community since getting Xfinity Support to check on this probably will never happen.


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