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Thu, Oct 21, 2021 5:11 PM

Internet goes down daily

I have had this very same issue since August 2021. I have made multiple calls into support with no resolution, I have had technicians that had no answers or resolutions however have added to the problem. 

- Every call to support (close to over 30+ calls into support between September and today Oct 21) result in unplug the modem, wait 30 secs, reconnect; or we see a signal issue at your location need to send a technician 

- Technician 1 comes by, replaces our cable modem and the coaxial cable. I am not sure if the new modem was brand new or a refurbished unit. The coaxial cable was newly assembled and not a ready made cable out of a prepackage (see tech 3 notes). Tech was only allowed to look at things from inside the house and not a field tech so he couldn't do anything outside the house.  END RESULT of this visit: Tech wasnt able to determine the root cause, was here for 2hrs, left with open issues. NO ONE FROM Xfinity ever followed up with any other solutions and problems continued.

- I called support multiple times since the tech 1 visit for what else needs to happen, Tech 2 scheduled

- Tech 2 comes, and doesnt even step foot in my house to check anything, tells me a tech was out a week before there is nothing he will do that will fix the problem. END RESULT: Tech left, even though i was billed for his visit and he didnt EVEN check anything!!!!!!

- Call support again, tech 3 is scheduled

- Tech 3 comes, he checked things throughly outside, then into the house, then to be cable modem and finally the TV. He finds that Tech 1 had not properly fastened the coaxial ends and it was causing major leakage and interference. He fixed the cable, rebooted everything, this cleared issues he was seeing initially.  He also added a service maintenance ticket for the field to check on things outside. Tech was thorough. He left behind his contact info should the issues continued. ENd Results: Issues continued - we called and messaged the tech, NEVER heard back frm him

- Called support again, now calling them daily. they scheduled a field technician - was told they enabled some monitoring to check how many times signal drops - NO ONE KNEW ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT THIS WAS.   So I decided to install my own monitoring via a Chrome Ext called "Internet Connection Monitoring" (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/internet-connection-monit/hgccfdagfbilbdbkgmfdmmdfmjjoakfo?hl=en)

- Field Tech 4 comes (Last Wednesday 10/13) - He only focuses on the outside and said he noted his logs reflected connection dropped over 100x in the past few days. He noticed an issues outside and installed a new wire from the main comcast box to the house. Things improved for a day with 1 - 2 outages. This tech decided to give his supervisors contact should problems continue. He gave the guys correct name but incorrect phone # so could never get a hold of Anthony Brophy, the supervisor. 

- Monday - 2 guys that didnt speak any english came to bury the wiring under ground. They do what they need to and leave.    Starting a 10am, my internet drops for over 1hr, I call support was told there is some maintenance work in progress on Barry St which is on the same hub as what is servicing my street. Key note: I check with my neighbor, his internet is working. My neighbor doesnt use he Xfinity provided modem he has a Netgear modem router. 

- Tuesday - again complete outage, reason - work going on at Barry St - I relocated myself to my neighbors house and worked from his place from 11AM to 1PM. How my neighbor has service and I dont is still complete mystery to me. So I went to Costco that day and purchased a modem router. Installed it at 10:30PM that night and from 10:30pm to 10AM the next day NO outages!!! 

- Wednesday - from 10:30AM  to 11:17AM internet was down. I restarted the new modem and reset the signal too. I was up from 11:17AM til 6:39PM and then several time it out . A field technician was scheduled to come who decided he didnt need to come as he didnt have answers. He called his supervisor ( Anthony Brophy) to call me and explain why - I never got any calls. 

- Thursday (today) - 10AM to 11AM internet was down again --- I THINK the new modem is helping!!!!   

Can you tell my level of frustrations?     Last night I decided to experiment with non Xfinity Home internet options. I am ready to walk from my 20+ yr relationship with Comcast now... 

Update as of 7:39PM on 10/21/2021 - Internet was lost again today at 5:48PM and has been unstable since. But was connected from 11:05AM till 5:47PM 

Logs from today

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Hello and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us here on our Xfinity Forums. I'm deeply sorry for the internet issues you have been having. I work from home and know how important that connection is. I would love to look into this further with you. Please send us a direct message to "Xfinity Support" with your full name and address to get started.


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