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Internet dropping every 10 minutes for 30-60 seconds. High rates of packet loss and high ping make things disconnect during this time

A few weeks ago I started to experience an issue with my internet service where it would randomly drop for about 30-60 seconds (sometimes a few minutes) and then come back. This would start sometime in the evening (or maybe was happening while I was at work too) but generally around 8:30 PM and would continue for the rest of the night. I am using a wired cat6 ethernet connection to an XB8 xFi Gateway with a 1.2 Gbps plan, but the issue seems to occur on both ethernet and wifi. I don't completely lose internet, and it even seems like I am able to connect to certain things just fine, but the ping and packet loss get extremely high and I get disconnected from any games I am playing at the time and am unable to load anything or communicate through discord, so its very frustrating. After downloading pingplotter to track the instances, it seems to be almost exactly on a 10 minute cycle. There have been several times on the weekend where it will drop for multiple hours.

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Hello and welcome to Comcast @49pickles. Thank you so much for reaching out to us today over our Xfinity Community Forums page. We value your time and we are here to address your concerns on a timely manner. Now I have seen some packet loss and high ping get fixed by releasing and renewing your IP address. This link Release and renew your Internet Protocol (IP) address, will give you the steps on how to release and renew your IP address. 

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