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Mon, Nov 29, 2021 10:08 PM

Internet disconnects

Hello I am experiencing the same symptoms with my internet services.  I have swapped out 3 modems and 3 completely different mesh networks, one being the Xfinity xfi pods.  with all three, I experience 2 -3 disconnect per day.  The connection between Comcast and my modem appears to be stable but on the internal side that connects to my routers or mesh extenders that is unreliable.  Any suggestions or advice is welcome

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2 m ago

Hello user_ba524b, thanks for reaching out to us here with this concern. We are more than happy to help you with getting your router and other extenders connected to the modem properly without losing signal. It sounds like the extender may be out of range but since the router has the same problem then there may be a problem with the set up itself. Does your router connect to the modem with an Ethernet cable? 

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