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Mon, Jan 4, 2021 1:00 PM

Internet disconnects reconnects. I have to turn my network off and turn it back on so it reconnects

Wifi keeps dropping/reconnecting
I've had XFi service since about February, and more or less from the beginning my devices regularly lose the Wifi connection. This happens on all devices (phones, laptops, desktop, tablets), it is random but persistent. The devices will appear to still be on Wifi but no sites can be reached until they eventually drop and reconnects, or Wifi is manually turned off and back on. I have seen this happen repeatedly while sitting in the same room as the gateway so it is not a signal issue; I also have 3 XPods set up to improve coverage. Sometimes it'll only happen every 30-45 minutes or so, but other times it happens every few minutes. This makes it very hard to do online meetings/school etc. which has become a bigger problem. It also has the effect of our phones regularly switching to cellular data which absolutely killed my data plan.

My wired desktop doesn't have this problem, so it seems to be specific to the Wifi and not the actual internet connection. I've restarted the router several times but it has not resolved the problem. I've tried disabling either the 2.4GHz or 5GHz bands, it didn't help. Channel settings on the router admin are locked so I haven't been able to adjust those.

This has gone from being an annoyance to becoming a critical problem, especially with the upcoming school year having a large remote component.

Please help me work this out and get reliable Wifi at home!



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6 m ago

Since you are using Xfi, you are using their modem/WiFi as your main connection for your devices? Or do you have your own router/WiFi connected to the modem?

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