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Mon, Apr 20, 2020 5:00 PM

Internet Crashing, Can Still Hear Discord

I'm having an odd issue with my internet on all home devices. A couple times a week the entire home network will crash for a minute or two, knocking out internet for all devices both on Ethernet and Wi-Fi.

I am often playing video games with the voice chat service Discord running when this happens. The strange thing is that after I disconnect I can still hear other users on Discord, often times discussing how I've disconnected from the game so I know I still have some kind of downstream after the crash. This will persist for maybe 10 seconds before I'll lose the connection entirely. I can still connect and login to my modem through a wired connection.

I am on Comcast internet and have had several technicians to my home, none of them have found a solution but they have been focused on wiring and hardware and haven't provide any technical support per se, so I'm turning here for support or direction.

Here's some details that may help, though this is an issue for all devices including phones and SmartTV, and has persisted through several modems:

Comcast XB6-T Modem

Primary PC:
Windows 10 (10.0 Build 18363)
X570-Plus Wi-Fi Motherboard


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1 y ago

Getting the exact same issue.

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