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Wed, Apr 8, 2020 11:00 AM

Internet Connectivity is very poor

My husband and I are both working from home and our internet connectivity is very poor. We pay a lot of money to have a fairly high speed given that we use internet for many devices and this is becoming a real burden for us. I was reading that we may qualify for xpods given the layout of our home, I tried to contact customer service and all they told me was that I had to order them even though no one could help me troubleshoot what was wrong with my wifi.


How can I a wifi assessment and xFi pods so that I can reliably use the service that I am paying for?





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1 y ago

What do the modem's signal stats look like ? Try getting them here or here

Please post the *Downstream Power Level*, the *Upstream Power Level*, and the *SNR* (Signal to Noise Ratio) numbers.

What is the exact make and model number of the modem ?

In addition. Is this with a WiFi connection ? If so, for a test, does a computer hardwired directly to the router / gateway device with an ethernet cable have the same problem ?

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