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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 4:00 PM

Internet Connection Quality - Visualware Assessment of Xfinity connection

I am a corporate remote employee with a corporate provided VPN router behind my home firewall and was experiencing flapping on my VPN router connection. My corporate IT had me run a connection assessment tool by Visualware ( and it shows several critical errors including my throughput being only 50-60% and thousands of restransmitted packets during the test. I have run this test from my corporate laptop and every home computer I have and they all show many critical problems.


My corporate IT is pointing to this test as an indicator of ISP connection degredation from Xfinity. Has anyone had a similar issue with performance? Other applications and my TV seem to be fine. I posted the Visualware results below. When I run a speedtest from Ookla from, things look much better, but it doesn't have as granular of a report.


My eqipment:

Xfinity modem (new) >> Cisco Meraki Firewall >> Cisco Cat9200 switch >> wired computers/laptops





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