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Mon, May 17, 2021 10:46 PM

Internet connection dropping

I have the same problem here, in Richmond, Virginia. If the internet is connected at all, it's 30mbps instead of the 1000mbps service I'm paying for. I checked Xfinity's outage reporter which showed an outage a few blocks away, but claimed my internet should be fine. After letting Xfinity reboot my (Motorola) modem a few times (until it no longer could) I manually restarted it and the service limped back, then off, then s l o w, then back up to speed, but not for long. This has been happening for about a week, and has made it difficult to meet work deadlines for submitting web site page designs (and everything else).

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Hello @user_81a5da! Thank you for joining us here on the forums. =] We can definitely take a look together, though I'd like to start off with a few basics to get started.


We recently updated our Gigabit services to provide download speeds up to 1.2Gbps--formerly 1Gbps. Can you confirm your Motorola device is approved for DOCSIS 3.1 speeds up to the 1.2Gbps range? https://comca.st/3uXL5JR You can do so at the link provided. We increased our speeds across the footprint in most places, so several customer owned devices are no longer compatible with certain speed tiers.


Are you testing wirelessly, or via ethernet directly to the modem? Are the speed issues consistent throughout the day, or more prevalent during certain times? You can also post an image of your modem logs, including signal reports, that we can look at together--just please ensure none of your personal information is included in the image. =]

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