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Sun, Aug 23, 2020 11:00 AM

Internet connection dropping every day for the last month

I'm mad. I've been calling and trying to deal with this the last month. I've had service appointments twice now, both times I get called back and told that it was a problem on Comcast's end and that it's been fixed, then urged to cancel my service call. This morning when this happened I was told to cancel the service call then make it again if the problem persisted.

This afternoon, when the connection interruption happened, again, I used the live chat to try and set up an appointment again. Apparently, despite being able to set up the service appointment in the phone just hours before, my account was no longer authorized to make an appointment. I know for a fact that I'm an authorized user, I've been made one twice and have all the power of one, yet today apparently I don't.

I'm paying for the blast internet, which I need because I work from home. The last month I've had to cancel video calls because of this, it's really impacting my work. Then after work when I want to steam something I can't do that either because my internet could cut out, sometimes for a minute, others for up to an hour.

I'm tired of being on the phone, explaining my situation, doing all the steps to fix it, getting elevated to the next level, then getting ignored.





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