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Mon, Apr 27, 2020 3:00 PM

Internet connection completely drops out (WIFI AND WIRED) when an access point is added

So a bit of a long post and its driving me insane.

Trying to add Ubiquity litebeams to my network to get internet access in my shop.


I have setup and configured a set of (NEW) litebeam gen 2 to get internet to my shop which is about 100 feet away. But the issue is when the litebeam on the house side is powered on anywhere between 2-10 minutes my internet goes out. Hardwired and WIFI. I cant use my computer on the internet which is hardwired and WIFI is down too as all devices disconnect. The lights on the modem are still on. After 10-15 minutes the internet will resume but again 2-10 minutes later disconnect again. Only after the litebeam has been powered down will it resume normally. During the internet being down I can not access the modem from the computer but I can still access and change settings on the litebeam. Only until the internet comes back up can I access the modem again. The litebeams are a PoE device.

During the time the internet works I can use my computer at the shop too so the litebeams are working properly I believe and have no issues until the internet drops again.

I have tried DHCP and assigning a static IP to the device with the same results.

Also I tried moving the litebeam farther away from the modem like the other side of the house from it with the same results.

I've tried changing the power levels with the same results.

I've factory reset the litebeams and started over with the same results.

I've also factory reset the modem with the same results.

I've checked all cables going to the modem found a coax that wasn't quite right and redid the connection same results. Granted I only have one coax in the whole house from the service entry box and straight to the cable modem. Also replaced the cable from the service box to the modem and same results.

I have tried disabling the WiFi and the same issue happens

A couple more things I have done that did not solve the issue.

Swapped the litebeams around and issue still persisted.

Swapped the poe adaptors same issue

Reserved both litebeams IP addresses on the modem same issue

Verified newest firmware is loaded on the litebeams same issue.

Tried to verify modem firmware is up to date which i assume it is since it is controlled by xfinity.

Disconnected all ethernet lines from the modem except the pc and litebeam, still looses internet connectivity

Disconnected the LAN cable from the station side but left the station powered on still happens

Disconnected everything from the modem then just plugged in the litebeam same issue.

My equipment I have now is an Arris Surfboard SBG6900-AC. Its almost 4 years old and i own it and connecting the litebeam to it and to an unmanaged switch nearby with the same results.

Is there something I should change settings wise?

When it is not connected everything works fine but before i go replacing equipment like the modem I wanted to be sure.

I'm at a loss to say the least. Could have hand dug a trench and ran a cable in less time than this has been taking. 


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