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Wed, May 27, 2020 4:00 PM

Intermittent Xfi connection drops

Out of nowhere, the Xfi connection from the modem/router just stops. We have to wait for it to come back up to continue what we were doing. All devices lose their connection.


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9 m ago

I’m having the same issue. I know my internet is still working because, eg, streaming boxes will continue playing, but my Apple devices (iPhone 11 Max, MacBook Pro and iPad Pro) all hang. If i open the Xfi app, it is usually very slow to open during a hang but finally opens and says the internet is fine, then magically my devices are connected again.

For solutions, I’ve read to log into the modem and change the channel from automatic to channel 11, and/or create separate names for the 2.4 and 5.0 gHz networks (but that solution is incompatible with Xfi Pods, which i have).

Good luck! I’m about to set up my trusty old Google Wifi Pods and put that Xfi gateway in bridge mode. It’s maddening to have no internet every few minutes.



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1 m ago

So if you DO have xfi pods, this may be the source of the issue. It was for me!

I've had this exact same issue for a couple years now, and have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out the problem. For me it always seemed to happen with the apple products and the newer/larger macbooks or newer iphones have even MORE issues than the smaller older apple products. And this happened with MULTIPLE people's products, only apple. WTF, right?

Turns out the xfi pods don't work very well with apple products (apparently this is a known issue that no one cares to do anything about, great). And our newer macbooks and iphones actually reliably connect to our xfi pods when the other devices didn't. Not sure why but the other devices seem to work no matter what (and my android was an outlier in that it both reliably connected to the pod AND worked great).

So after HOURS and HOURS of talking to comcast (and 2 years of this exact same issue!!) with no solution... I got the idea to just unplug the xfi pod completley. Bc if my large macbook didn't have internet and yet it was the ONLY thing connected to the xfi pod, the pod was probably the problem, right?? Turns out: YES. After unplugging, my internet came back on and the speed issues IMMEDIATELY resolved. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

All I know is those pods are now going in the trash (or recycled, if possible)! And if you use xfi pods you also might want to consider doing the same! Making xfinity give you a new modem, or changing the modem location – ANYTHING is better than the pods! For 2 years I thought the issue was that our signal just was NEVER strong enough, and so we kept trying MORE pods (we've tried 6 and none of them seem to work)! Turns out they were literally CAUSING the problem.

Basically we got the pods bc in the beginning, our signal strength didn't seem strong enough. But then xfinity replaced our modem about a year later which was supposed to solve things, and we just kept the pods bc "why not", right?? They "can't hurt", right? HA.

This is the fist time I've experienced both the new modem and NO pods, and turns out the signal strength is GREAT (I guess the old modem really was the issue to begin with?). So now we apparently don't need the pods, and in fact they are literally STOPPING our apple products from reliably working. Just checked all my devices upstairs and everything has great internet with no pods!




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1 m ago

10 month-old-dead-thread now being closed.


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