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Sun, Nov 8, 2020 8:00 AM

Intermittent Internet Connectivity, Packet Loss, "request timed out" issue

Hi all,


I have been having intermittent internet connectivity issues for quite a few months.  I honestly dont know if I would notice anything wrong if I didn't play video games.  These issues make the games unplayable with constant connectivity losses = tons of lag. 


If I run command prompt and ping a website, i get intermittent "request timed out" between pings.  No rhythm  to them, completely random.  Always less than 20 seconds apart.  

Command Prompt Screenshot 


If i run pingplotter, I show a ton of packet loss along the way.  


Pingplotter Screenshot


 Comcast first had me change my modem which did not solve the problem.  A technician was sent out and he changed all the connections coming into the house and all the connections inside the house.  Another tech came out to change the cable that ran to the pole and he checked and changed all of the connections up there, which did not solve the problem.  Is anyone else having these issues or have any suggestions about going about solving them?


Thanks in advance


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8 m ago

I should add that I have tried turning off all firewalls, disabling xfi security, disabling antivirus software. I am using a wired connection and have tested from multiple devices.

I’ve also tried all ipconfig commands in command prompt.

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