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Fri, May 8, 2020 4:00 PM

Intermittent connection in Bay Area during day time

Hello All,


I've been experiencing intermittent connection or no connection during the day time, mostly from 930AM to 600PM. It's very frustrating to work at home like this especially my work is just mainly emailing and web browsing. 


Comcast did a great job for waiving the data cap for everyone during this lockdown. However, this is also where the nightmare started for an unintended consequence. The internet is basically not workable during the day. I suggest they should reduce the speed for some families who constantly downloading large files or streaming content so everyone has a piece of the cake even means slower speed for everyone. I have a 100M download speed but it's hard to believe that I couldn't even open a web page. The connection was just dead. When I contacted Comcast, they were just like a robot to tell me to unplug your modem, restart this and that. Let's face IT! I'm technical and have all the new equipments. 


If anyone knows their high-level corporate employee, please help pass the words. Thanks.


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