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Wed, Jul 28, 2021 10:34 PM

Individual Device Data Usage

I have spent a week on the phone and chat with Xfinity  to figure out where my individual device data usage graphs have gone.  No one seems to know why I can’t see this but they can on customer service end.  Basically issue is this, I get a message I am nearing my monthly data limit, but I have no way to know what device is causing this problem (or what child).  Does anyone know a way to see these graphs or are they gone?  And yes I can see time spent but that does me absolutely no good, I need to see the data being pulled.  We were gone for at least 10 days of this month so the fact I’m nearing my limit it mind blowing to me.  And yes I’ve talked to at least 5 different people who have not helped because they don’t know why I can’t see the graphs!  Thank you in advance, so frustrating.  I have no way of figuring out how not to go over at the moment.


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Hello, @user_ebae2a. Thank you for taking the time to post your questions about data usage by device. You are in the right place to get answers to your questions and I am happy to help! 


I apologize for the inconvenience, but data usage by device is no longer available through the xFi app. You can still view data usage in the app by month and by the day. You can find instructions on how to view this data in the Xfinity My Account app here: https://www.xfinity.com/support/articles/data-usage-usage-history.


If you use your own, separate router, it's good to know that some personal routers include a feature that allows you to view data usage by device.


Alternatively, if data usage is increasing in your home, we also have very affordable options for Unlimited Data, especially if you already rent one of our awesome gateways! Please let me know if I can help look at these options with you in a private conversation.


Do you currently rent your gateway from us, or do you own your own? Do you use a separate router?

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