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Sat, May 16, 2020 6:00 PM

Incredibly frustrated with my internet service


I am in dire need of some guidance.  Much like everyone else, I am WFH. I was provided a company laptop but for the last few weeks, I've recieved this error: No Internet, secure.  I've already gotten a new gateway, upped my internet speed, and restarted the gateway multiple times.  The chats I've been involved in for the most part have been helpful.  The last person I spoke with requested that I renew my IP, which I did but I still have the same problems.  For awareness, I've also recieved the same error with an ethernet cable.


I am still able to check work email as if I'm online but I wonder if that's because I'm remoting into my company's network.  At any rate, the last tech I spoke with suggested I have the company's tech team look at my laptop as there may be an issue with the computer.


Any suggestions will be greatly apperciated!


This is a Wi-Fi connection and it can also be an ethernet connection as well. For visibilty, I still able to utilize the internet, but the wifi/ethernet will go out at least 6-7 times during my workshift. 


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