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Tue, Apr 7, 2020 8:00 PM

I work remote for a hospital and my Wifi Speeds very slow and I can't connect to Comcast for help

I am hoping someone has a way to contact Comcast.  I work for a local hospital and we are prepping for a surg.  My wifi speeds are so slow I was barely able to work today and when I tried to contact them they kept referring me back to automated services.  I know I have seen a Comcast van around our neighborhood in the last week, I am hoping they didn't make a change that caused issues with my service.

I have rebooted my modem, checked settings, I have a Motorola 7550 modem. The automated xfinity service did some other reboot of the gateway.


My Download speeds are showing at 47.8 Mbps (Should be at least 600 Mbps) and Upload 15.7, Latency 17.


Does anyone have any ideas - especially how to actually get someone from Xfinity to help???


Thank you,



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