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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 9:00 AM

I knew id regret taking their hardware

Im not stranger to connection issues with Xfinity but it boggles the mind how subpar your hardware is. Your devices are simply not up to the task.


I had previously leased my own gateways for the last few years without issues with hardware. Problems existed in the line, the upstream, but have since resolved.


I for the last 2-3 weeks have been using the Xb 7 and it has been a nightmare.


Hears my home network at a glance.

XB7 Gateway (default mode) ---------3 Netgear r7000 (AP mode) - 1 TP -Link unm. switch


XB7 will assign ip addresses to all connected devices but not internet. Numerous disconnects throughout the day

Unable to use XB7 in bridge mode unless i want gig speeds cut by 60%

Unable to changes dns or disable ipv6


This is unacceptable. I along with my children work and do schooling from home. We cannot have this many interruptions. It hinders my ability to do my work and causes my children to look as if they have either left or unable to join class.


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