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Thu, Sep 16, 2021 3:20 PM

I have the solution to having off ping

So I just got off the phone with Comcast and it literally took me years to figure this out! Basically, we are all connected to a residential service Comcast gives us but the way that the network is routed is not the fastest way to reach the end point. The setup is a basic transaction speed from one point to another, meaning that it's protocol is to connect to routes by going around the us like a circle or just around the main connection. Helps keeping the network good. So if you have 50- 80 ms ping thats considered normal but in the gaming world that's way over normal. the isp does not consider that people use their IP for just gaming, so the gateway is just implemented to connect to the internet and nothing really more. The route on the other hand is where your IP is being moved to it's designated location. With the residential service the basic service provided doesn't connect point to point for the fastest route. It goes around the US ex: you may be trying to connect to a game sever a state away, thinking it should not take up 60ms to reach to that destination so close. The route isn't transfered from your state to that state next to you. Instead, it's connected around from you, going to a few states to reach it making it a further connection hense the high ping of 50-80ms. Now with a business service the routing is way more efficient, giving a direct connect or point to point. So the routing of your IP or network ping (ms) is substantially lower, close to 15ms but will not be higher than 30ms. So if you want ping to be king instead you need to have the business service which you can Google and enter Comcast business service or call and inquire. ISP consider low ping as a marketing lift and helps provide better network speeds for businesses. Gaming is not considered a business aspect but it is and as a gamer we want low ping. You can call customer service and complain forever but normal staff isn't trainer on information like that and should be tbh... So try and grab the business service if it's available in your area and it's free for 30 days so if you feel like it's not working any better which you'll know bc as a gamer that ping is going to drop drastically but if you don't like it you get a refund for that service and money back for any installation from last setup.... Now I can get some sleep. Thank me later! 




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It's all the same BGP protocol based routing.......

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