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Tue, Oct 13, 2020 7:00 PM

I feel like I am being duped...

First of all, I should qualify for internet essentials at $10 a month, but because I am already a customer I am forced to pay more than I can afford. I use Netflix more than anything, so I could be paying as little as $50 a month, but instead I have paid $210 for 2 years. It took me a year to get them to bring it down to $180, and I was quoted the total would be $130. They are never straightforward, and apparently zero customer loyalty. This is the only company that for some reason gets away with pulling this. The annoyance now though, I am supposed to be able to have 8 devices connected and still have high speeds. I have a phone, tablet, computer and tv. They are not all connected at the same time yet I have no bandwidth. My internet comes and goes and I cant even participate in a Zoom meeting. Yes I have tried all the suggestions. I am supposed to have 200 mbps yet I have 35. Why? For $200 a month, I should not have to deal with this.


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