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Fri, Sep 18, 2020 6:00 PM

I feel like Comcast is ripping me off:

I'm paying for Gigabit internet. I'm shelling out to Comcast for their Xfinity Gigabit internet, but I never see the speeds I'm paying for. My speeds are comparable to my grandmother's 200mb plan, where I get download speeds of 50-60 megabytes/s. So why am I paying for a 1000mb plan, only to receive the exact same 50-60 megabytes/s I get with AT&T's Fiber? I've tried to talk to "chat agents" about this a few times since I realized it, and all I ever get is a "give your modem the ol' 'off and on'again'" and a pat on the back. I'm furious. I know the limits of my devices, I know what I'm paying for, and I know what I'm not getting. I want to know why, and how it's going to be fixed, or I'm finding someone else to take my money and support



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8 m ago

You could start by posting pertinent information like modem/router model, how you’re testing the speeds etc.

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