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How to setup a booster for a Xfinity box (xFi?) internet?

I have a tp-link router and I want to use it as a booster for my xFi modem+router combo. I appreciate it if someone could provide step-by-step instructions. Many thanks!

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3 months ago

Ethernet WiFi routers have different capabilities depending on manufacturer, specific model number and firmware.

Your best bet?  Download the manual from TP-link support.  See if there is a repeater mode if you want to use it that way.  It will provide better service in Access Point mode if you can run Ethernet to where you need the WiFi and use it that way.  

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3 months ago

Hello @user_74yum8! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to our team on Forums. We appreciate you being a customer with us and my team is here to support you. 


I'm delighted to see that @flatlander3 has provided you with some very helpful and useful information regarding your booster questions/concerns. Please let us know if any further assistance is needed, we're here to help. 

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