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Wed, Jul 21, 2021 2:18 AM

How to set static IP addresses on my home network?

I have a laptop and a PC on a Windows 10 home network via the ARRIS TG862G Router supplied to me by xfinity.

My network is very unstable. One or the other of my computers will vanish from the network, sometimes for days or weeks at a time.

A BBS friend has suggested that I try setting up static IP addresses for the laptop and PC.  When I look in the router settings under "Connected Devices > Devices" I see that I have a choice between "DHCP" or "Reserved IP."  But I don't see an option for "Static IP."  Is "Reserved IP" the same as "Static IP"?

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'Reserved IP' might be the same as 'Static IP'.  Probably no devices show up as connected with 'Reserved IP', right?  There may be an option in Configuration for allowing 'Reserved IP' connected devices where you can specify a range of IP addresses to be reserved for your devices to use instead of them set for DHCP in their network configurations and getting a DHCP IP address from the router/gateway.




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Hi there @CluelessInSeatl. Thank you for posting on our Xfinity Community Forum! Internet troubles can be very frustrating, so we want to make sure this is resolved for you. Were the solutions offered by @jav6joev and @NoNoBadPuppy helpful? Do you still need assistance?

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