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How to pause or block unmanaged devices?

Physical connection to system.  Child is unconnecting and reconnecting their system to avoid managed device controls.  Without mac refistration how do I prevent unmanaged devices feom having immediate access?

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3 months ago

Local attacker with physical access is the hardest one to defeat.  Defeating parental control software is also crowd sourced.  If they are not computer literate, one of their friends are and so are search engines.  You won't have much luck with a cable gateway for that and trying to "pause" devices by MAC addresses that can be randomized and spoofed.  

If you want to control your network, use a straight cable modem connected to a dedicated firewall/firewall appliance.  Do your WiFi with something else (mesh/access points).  Then lock that firewall appliance in a dedicated cabinet/box so they can't drop it to single user mode and change anything.  Then you control everything, and see if anyone tampered with it with email notifications if you want.  You control what can connect, what has access and when, and who is able to communicate with your network.

OpnSense and Netgate's Pfsense community edition do exactly that with an easy web interface on your local network.  Traffic shaping too for bandwidth control.  What it can't do is protect another network, so if they are connecting via Xfinity public hotspots that are in range, you would have to remove their Xfinity account login to prevent that and hope a close neighbors kid didn't share theirs.


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3 months ago

@user_y10zv5 I can understand how important it is to manage your child's access to the internet. It looks like @flatlander3 has given you some great suggestions on how you can manage access to your services. 

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