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Fri, May 8, 2020 10:00 AM

How to get Port Forwarding back to Router vice myxfi?

I  would like to expose the advance features for port forwarding returned to my Arris Router. 




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1 y ago

Thank you for responding. However the link provided does not address my concern.

I have a iocage/jail that appears in the Devices NOT Connect section of xFi. I want to port forward that jail. I could do this when port forwarding was on my Router. I cannot not access the NOT connected devices to set up a port forward on xFi.

I do not know understand the NOT connected devices section as the there are devices there that are connected and I can ping them.


If I could force a device to appear connected would solve the issue.

If I could get the ability to port forward on my router would solve the issue.




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