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Sat, May 16, 2020 11:00 AM

How do I turn off my wifi on my modem when it's in bridge mode?

I have placed my modem in Bridge Mode in order to disable the WiFi on the device and use my own Router. However, the WiFi still shows up when my devices are looking for connections so Bridge Mode didn't turn off WiFi on my modem.


When I follow the instructions available on xfinity.com it ends up bringing me to a page that says I cannot disable my WiFi because the modem is in Bridge Mode (what I expect). How do I turn off my wifi on my modem when it's in bridge mode?


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1 y ago

Bridge mode "should" disable the private home wireless network.

However, the xfinitywifi hotspot will continue to broadcast, that can be disabled in your account settings separately.

The gateway will also continue to broadcast a hidden SSID for the Xfinity Home security service. There is no way to disable that.



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8 m ago

Yes. Your router will continue broadcasting 5 wifi signals in bridge mode, wifi disabled mode, and online wifi disabled mode. There is no way to stop your router from irradiating you with deadly milimeter wave signals. Xfinity would like you to think these remedies of disabling this-and-that actually work, but I found last night the only way is to physically open up the router and with sharp metal sheers remove the metal caps covering the wifi radio and pick any one of the tiny components to gently scrape off the board. This will permanently disable both 2.4 and 5 ghz radios and those hidden signals will be gone. Also, all the surrounding Xfinity wifi signals in your neighborhood both hidden and not hidden will dramatically decrease in signal strength. Huh...I wonder why?


The answer:

Xfinity has a vested interest in making their network the most reliable and widespread. This much cannot be argued, but what you don't know is that they do this at the cost of the consumer whether or not the consumer is or is not aware and despite said consumer's consent.


How is this done? Repeaters.


While Xfinity would like you to believe those signals are for their "set top boxes", "x-pods", "home security", etc. and they can easily be disabled, but this is actually not the case at all. If this were indeed the case then why could we not disable all those features? Why do we not have the option to specifically pick and choose which of those features to disable? Why do the folks at Xfinity keep telling us that we cannot get rid of those hidden wifi networks? Why were two of their hidden networks' SSIDs registering to "The Panda Project" but yet I could find nothing on the net about said project and said hidden networks would disapear when killing power to the Xfinity modem/router?


Because they are using your harware issued by them to further their corporate agenda by repeating and amplifying their own public access Xfinity networks in addition to their hidden networks to further spread their public networks whilst doing the consumer a so-called "favor" by bolstering their customer's home wifi thereby expanding the reach of said customer's wifi and further opening their customers to increased frequency of attacks by would-be internet thiefs. All this despite whether or not you authorize them to do such and despite whether or not you have taken all their recommended measures to disable the wifi and public hot spot features in their modem/routers.


Don't believe me? I got pics to prove it.

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