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Wed, Apr 15, 2020 1:00 PM

How do I access detailed reporting on usage per device?

I'm new to xfinity, so sorry for my ignorance.


I've been clicking around the interfaces (internet.xfinity.com, mobile app, router settings, etc.), and have yet to find how I access more detailed information about the network usage per device.


On the site, there are charts under "Network Activity", but the y axis is just "Zero" to "Very High".  How can I access the data behind that?  How can I know what the values and units for "Very High" are?


I've also been looking for the basic router traffic logs (ip connections to/from), ideally URLs visited by each IP, stuff like that.


There's probably just a report or a log file or something that I'm not seeing?


Modem+Router model: TG3482G
Hardware Revision: 13
Firmeware: TG3482PC2_4.0p1s1_PROD_sey


Thanks for any help!


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