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Thu, Oct 15, 2020 10:00 AM

Honestly, Xfinity Internet is TERRIBLE nowadays!!!!!!

I've been a Xfinity customer for quite some time. Recently months, they've been doing lots of so-called maintenance during daytime, and we are getting frequent internet interruption because of that. These frequent disconnections are really annoying and post true damage to work efficiency. I work in tech and can't imagine how could they are doing such a poor job to keep their customers!


Xfinity, we don't want to hear you say Customer first, we want to see you do it!!



A frustrated customer.



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7 m ago

I'm going to agree with you here. Since about 2ish months ago, my modem can't be found by xfinity, however I get internet. The speeds are as advertised but there's too many dropouts, almost daily, and I work in AML any sort of drop out is detrimental.

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7 m ago

Seems like they are overwhelmed with people
Working from home. I don’t get my full download speeds and upload speeds go to 0mbs a few times a day

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