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Tue, Dec 8, 2020 7:00 PM

Home Network Help


I need some help figuring out the best way to set up my internet for the house we just moved into. Here’s my situation.. there is a smart hub area in the basement with 7 Ethernet cables and 7 coaxial cables. For each type there are 3 labeled feed and then the remaining 4 are labeled for the room they go to. A technician came out and hooked up connections for my modem/router combination in one room and the one coaxial location we want after he made the outside connections.

I am trying to send hardwired internet capabilities to all 4 locations but don’t know how to do this. I should’ve asked him while he was here but we were moving in and things were hectic. We pay for 600 mbps and would like to keep it as close to that as possible. Do I need a modem only in the smart hub area and then connect the room Ethernets to it? Or do I put the router/modem combo down there and connect the Ethernet cables to it? Will that connection through the combination unit slow things down? Do I need to create a mesh network? Do I need to change the type of service I have through xfinity?

Any and all advice is appreciated. Thanks!


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